Shipbuilders Heritage Walk





The project is aimed at:

                      – increasing awareness of the wonderful, environmental asset we have in the walkway/cycleway around Kincumber Broadwater through a ‘Fun Community Walk’

                      – promoting a healthy and fun outdoor activity for people to enjoy together, while introducing the concept of a Shipbuilders’ Memorial history trail.

The event is aiming at the participation of all sectors of the community, school children, families and residents of the senior citizens complexes in the area. The event will not reward athletic excellence, but will recognise all participants with a certificate of completion. We will also reward participants who successfully complete an observation checklist on elements of the walkway.

What are the project objectives?

 *To increase the knowledge and use of a valuable environmental and community asset.

*To enhance an awareness of the proposed Shipbuilders Memorial Walk and the Kincumber foreshore cycleway/walkway which will provide a healthy, fun outdoor activity, in a magnificent environment, involving all age groups.

*To promote an awareness of the planned learning environment for the students in the local area-within schools, that naturally leads to the integration of the walk and the history behind the Four Villages Walk.

*To highlight the importance of the history of shipbuilding in the area, starting with Aboriginal bark boats by the ‘Darkinyung’ people.

These boats were used for fishing and the collection of shellfish during the many thousands of years before white settlement.

The building of larger boats by the newly arrived European settlers, assisted in the development of the early days of Sydney’s development. The boats were used to carry goods to the newly developed white communities and some boats carried passengers around to Sydney Harbour.

To offer an opportunity to appreciate the vast array of ecology and bird life, which surrounds the Kincumber Broadwater area. The walk will allow people the opportunity to observe a large variety of plants and animal life that live beside the waterline, while enjoying the views across Kincumber Broadwater and surrounding bushland.

 Community and Cultural Outcomes

 *An exploration of change in the local community in which they live, from different perspectives and evaluate and identify the effects of change on individuals and groups, including the traditional Aboriginal people and their environment.

 *To gain an understanding of key events related to the European colonists moving into the local area, through to our modern day community.

 *To encourage an investigation of the composition of a number of groups, including traditional Aboriginal people, in their community and recognise that groups have specific identifying features, customs, practices, symbols, religion, language and traditions.

 *To acquire information about their local community by direct and indirect experience and communicate with others using various forms of electronic media.

 *To provide an outdoor learning environment for schools to interact in the area, from a variety of perspectives and evaluate their unique place in the change that has occurred.

 *To acquire information about themselves, their heritage, their own uniqueness and similarities within their own local area through access to primary and secondary sources of information including oral, written and electronic media.

Rotary Outcomes

The Rotary club of Kincumber will support the Four Villages Walk project through engagement with the diverse local community. Young people will hopefully bring their families to this activity as an extension of their school learning and thus offering an integrated healthy and educational, community activity.

The Rotary Club of Kincumber will have an opportunity to promote the role of Rotary within the community. The members of Kincumber Rotary will have the opportunity to demonstrate the links between this community service organisation and the global community in which it operates.