Graffiti removal

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Message from Fraser McBride:

Graffiti is a significant issue within many local government areas reducing the value and image of our communities & neighbourhoods. The VandalTrak system aims to log, track and manage Graffiti incidents in one place.

It’s your community. Report graffiti vandalism with VandalTrak, so together we can assist authorities to bring those responsible to justice.


The Rotary Club of Kincumber has joined with the Rotary Club of Terrigal to work towards eradication of Graffiti in our area. We were initially spurred on by Rodger Norman from the Rotary Club of Turramurra who spoke at our club on the successes his club has had in controlling graffiti in Turamurra.

We have a trailer, chemicals, a water blaster and all the hardware required to remove all sorts of graffiti. We also have protective overalls and signage. We want the community to know that the people removing the graffiti are ROTARIANS. All of this gear is safely stored in a central location in a container in the grounds of Rotary Hall off Duffys Road Terrigal.

It is not just Rotary involved in this project – the Gosford Council have been very supportive and have supplied the water blaster and some funding, Mitre 10 in Kincumber has agreed to supply paint requirements on behalf of Dulux Australia who are also supporting this project.

We also encourage members of the local communities to help remove graffiti – after suitable training and under the guidance of Rotarian team leaders. Copa residents helped with a very successful removal occasion in May.

The Rotary Club of Gosford is also keen to join the Graffiti Eradication Team and The Rotary Club of Erina has also expressed interest. The challenge is to coordinate the various Rotary teams and any volunteers. We only have 1 trailer for Graffiti removal gear but are happy for this to be effectively utilised as often as possible. Elizabeth Cook of the Terrigal Club is our coordinator and can be contacted via the Terrigal Club website. Fraser McBride of the Kincumber Club is a team leader and can be contacted on 43812148. If you are interested in participating in the removal of Graffiti please feel free to contact either of these people or any club member.

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