Angela Ormisher
Angela Ormisher (deceased)

2013-14 started suddenly for me with my induction as a new member and my taking on the role of Youth Chair at the changeover dinner. I had to quickly learn what were the traditional activities that the club had supported and what youth programs we could support with our limited funds.

The club was gifted a sum of money which had been raised by a club friend Angela Ormesher. The board decided that this money be allocated to support the clubs youth activities. Thankyou Angela.

Financial Support  was continued for 6 local primary school and Kincumber High School by the annual donation of funds for students who demonstrated citizenship and leadership abilities.

Max Wilson with Daniel Duncan and Zoe Ramsden

Our Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN) sponsorship of Daniel Duncan and Zoe Ramsden at the Collaroy Centre for a weekend in February, 2014 of activities to develop life skills, pride in achievements, generally setting goals and developing increased motivation was a highlight. Daniel and Zoe were year 10 students at Kincumber High School and accompanied by their mothers, were guests of the club to relate their experiences at RYPEN. They both gave confident recounts of their experiences and thanked the club for their sponsorship.


Central Coast Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)was coordinated by the Rotary Club of Gosford City this year. There munax200were teams from high schools in the area. Our club has supported a team from Kincumber High School at a cost of $250. Each school team represents a UN country in a simulated UN assembly at Niagra Park Community Centre. Teams are challenged to debate world issues from their country perspective.


Kincumber Rotary club members at the Rotary Youth Driver awareness course run for all year 11 students
Kincumber Rotary club members at the Rotary Youth Driver awareness course run for all year 11 students

Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) This is a very popular program for high school students who are about to get their drivers licence. The program is coordinated by Margaret Berger (East Gosford) on behalf of central coast rotary clubs. The program is a full day event held at Wyong Race course and is designed to educate and shock young people about many aspects of road safety and vehicle performance. Including a plan B when attending parties and experiences from crash survivors. The club supported the program by 7 members of the club attending the event to supervise students from Kincumber High School who attended the program in April.

Operation Hope The club sponsored a young person to this program at a cost of $350.00.  Operation Hope is a program run by The Wesley Mission at Vision Valley at Arcadia. Over the past 15 years, Wesley Mission has seen thousands of lives turned around through it’s programs that support disadvantaged children. For many of these children it is the difference between continuing a destructive, hopeless cycle and overcoming the odds to live a full and positive life – that’s why it’s call Operation Hope. The gift of hope.

Operation Hope is a sponsorship program that seeks to build self esteem, heighten selfworth and encourage children to believe in themselves. Through participation in outdoor adventure-based activities, team building experiences and other life-changing programs children are validated and affirmed as individuals who are valued and have a purpose.Operation Hope also sponsors children and families to attend camps at Wesley Vision Valley.

Breaking the cycle –

The program aims to support the whole family with a particular focus on 10 to 16 year old children. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but they have something in common – the need for encouragement, affirmation and someone to believe in them. Some children have witnessed domestic violence, or experienced abuse, neglect or family breakdown and others are unable to live with their parents. They are all at risk of drifting into anti-social behaviour such as taking drugs, binge drinking, engaging in petty crime – some are even homeless. Through Operation Hope sponsored programs we hope to break the cycle of hopelessness and steer these young people towards a life of purpose.

untitledSix critical life messages –

Operation Hope uses the six critical life messages to help every child know that they matter:

• I believe in you

• I trust you

• I know you can handle it

• You are listened to

• OR065You are cared for

• You are important to me

Tim Bowland

Chairman, Youth Services